Woman Who Can’t Conceive Receives Call From Sister With News

The news her sister gave her immediately brought her to tears.


The bond between sisters is something special. The sister is someone you can always rely on no matter how hard things get. They are there to provide love and support, and sometimes even the most valuable gift that money can’t buy, motherhood.

The dream most women have for themselves is to create a family of their own someday. When they finally get to the point where they feel ready to start their own family, it is usually a very happy time for them.

For some women, the process of getting pregnant is very easy. They get pregnant, deliver a healthy baby, and then go on to live a beautiful life. For other women, the process is not that simple. For one striving mother, she knows this all too well.

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Aimee Morrisby has longed to start her own family for as long as she can remember. When she was younger, Aimee was diagnosed with a bowel disease that left behind scar tissue in her abdomen. She never realized the extent of how much damage was done until she had a doctor visit at 21-years-old. Unfortunately, the doctor informed Aimee that she may have complications with her uterus one day if she ever tried to conceive…

When Aimee finally reached the point of life where she wanted to start a family, she spent five long years trying to get pregnant. Sadly however, Aimee fell under the category of women who have difficulties becoming pregnant.

Aimee and her husband Jake tried everything. They did several IVF treatments that resulted in Aimee having four miscarriages in five years. Aimee went to a digestive specialist, who confirmed that her abdomen just looked like a ball of scar tissue remains from her disease. Her IVF doctor even warned her that her reproductive system was most likely compromised.

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After the five year mark, Aimee was suddenly realizing that she might never be able to get pregnant, nor become a mother. She shared her emotional feelings with her sister, Shayna. Trying to comfort her sister, Shayna did the very best she could, but Aimee was completely heartbroken.

Then one night, completely out of the blue, Aimee got a call from her sister. Shayna said the four most beautiful and selfless words that Aimee has ever had anyone say to her in her whole life, ‘Let’s have a baby.’ Already a mom of two, Shayna was willing to carry her sister Aimee and her husband Jake’s baby for them.

Aimee was immediately ecstatic, but wanted to really make sure that Shayna was up for being pregnant again, and wanting to deliver a baby. Shayna reassured her sister that she was willing to do it for them. A short time later, Shayna was impregnated with one of Aimee’s embryos from her IVF treatments.

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For the next nine months, Aimee went to every sonogram and every doctor’s appointment with Shayna, and watched as her sister’s belly grew to hold her baby. Both husbands were extremely supportive during the whole process. In the end, the decision to have a water birth was made, and the time had come for Shayna to deliver Aimee and Jake’s baby.

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During the delivery, Aimee held Shayna’s hand the whole time, watching as she gave birth to Aimee and Jake’s little girl. The baby was perfectly healthy, and Aimee and Jake got to cut the cord.

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They named her Francesca Louise Morrisby, and she is a healthy growing little girl now. Both couples had a tremendously beautiful experience with the whole situation. Shayna’s selfless act of love allowed Aimee and Jake to fulfill their dreams of starting their own little family.

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Reflecting on the whole experience, and how long and hard Aimee tried to conceive, Aimee wanted to share this piece of advice with similar women who may be also struggling to become pregnant:

“My biggest advice to mothers that are pushing themselves to the brink is that it is OK to stop trying in your own body. At the end of the day there is no way my own daughter would be as happy and healthy if I had given birth to her.”

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What a beautiful act of selfless love between two sisters.

Watch this video to see the full story.

Like Aimee mentioned, if you have been trying to get pregnant, and it just isn’t working out, that doesn’t mean you have to give up completely. There are other options, such as surrogates or even adoption if you are wanting to start your own family.