Some people’s hobbies include thrill-seeking activities such as skydiving or mountain climbing, while others have more quiet interests like reading or cooking.

And then, there are some people who enjoy both! For adventure-seekers who at the same time enjoys calm activities – maybe “antiquing” could be something to try?


Searching for antique treasures can be very therapeutic while finding the jackpot is absolutely exhilarating! One of the youngest collectors to ever have been on the show Antiques Roadshow was in for the thrill of a lifetime!

The youngster enjoys collecting and selling glass, sterling silver, and art. He had brought along a painting to show the appraisal experts.

Then the boy tells David Weiss that the painting he’s brought with him was “found at an auction in South Jersey – I got it for two bucks. We thought it was a watercolor, but we couldn’t tell because of the UV glass.”

David Weiss confirms the boy’s thoughts – the painting is, in fact, a watercolor. And it’s not just any watercolor, it actually conceals an unbelievable secret…


As the conversation continues about the beautiful painting, David identifies that it has been signed in the lower right-hand corner. He also reveals that the watercolor was painted in the late 19th century by Albert Neuhuys, who was a Dutch artist.

When David asks “You paid two dollars, what do you think it might be worth today?” the boy’s guess of the painting’s worth is nowhere near the actual price tag!


WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to learn the true worth of this amazing antique painting. The boy’s reaction when he finds out is priceless!

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