A father’s plea for son with autism who ‘hasn’t 1 friend’ makes birthday wishes pour in

Dad sincerely wishes his son a happy birthday – this is the best story you can find, and this story has spread all over the Internet.


Kevin Harrison is a father of a 15-year-old boy with autism. This man knows how hard and demanding it can be to have a child with the condition, but he is doing all in his power to provide his son Daniel with a beautiful life.

Ever since he was very little, Daniel preferred being on his own. He doesn’t have friends because he has never wanted to play with other children, and if that is what makes him happy, his dad is fine with it.

Ahead of his birthday, Daniel wrote that he had two wishes. The first one was to learn how to drive, and the second one was to make friends. This came as a shock to Kevin, who was very glad his boy felt the need of a company from other children.

In order to make his wish come true, Kevin posted Daniel’s wishes on social media along with the caption, “Daniel’s my son. Profoundly Autistic. Hasn’t one friend. It’s his birthday today,” and asked from people to wish him a happy birthday. What he didn’t expected, however, was for his post to spread on the internet like a wildfire.

The number of people who came through and sent Daniel best wishes was huge. To Kevin’s surprise, the list of well-wishers included celebrities too. Among them were Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone and Ariel Winter. Parents of children with autism also contributed to the beautiful birthday wishes.

Needless to say, Daniel was over the moon.

This story shows how powerful the social media is and how accepting people can really be of those who are somehow different. This truly restores our faith in humanity and in the good in people.

For more on the story and Kevin’s comments on the viral tweet go to the video below.

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