Janitor is called to clean “mess” but looks down at the trash can and sees donation from school

Naturally, they prepared the big surprise behind his back. Then one day, they asked him to come to the gymnasium to do some work. But keep an eye on the garbage bin and his reaction when he looks down in it…


Not many people understand that the job of sanitation workers is as important as any other job out there. Sadly, most janitors are not given the respect they deserve and are looked down on only because they are not paid as much as others. However, those who respect janitors as much as they respect the CEO are the best people of all, just like the students and the staff at the Anderson County High school in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.


Ricky Spaulding, who makes sure the school stays clean at all times, is loved by everyone around. He’s described as caring and cheerful. However, there is something that saddens him. Namely, his son works and lives in Italy and Ricky doesn’t get to see him often. He also has a grandson that he has never met.

The thing is that Ricky and his wife can’t afford a trip to Italy because they don’t make much money.


What Ricky didn’t know is that the entire school, including all of the students and the teachers, came up with the idea to surprise him with plane tickets for the trip he was eagerly looking forward to.

They managed to raise $1900.


Once everything was ready for the big surprise, they called Ricky to the gym saying that he needed to take care of the mess they created. Instead, they presented him with the gift. When he looked down the trash can, instead of garbage, he saw the money. Needless to say, he was very grateful for the incredible act of kindness.


Well, everyone deserves to visit their grandchildren from time to time, and Ricky definitely deserved that more than anyone.

Watch the video below to see Ricky and his wife’s reactions to what everyone at Anderson County High did for them.