Mom is outraged after teacher snatches the mic away from her autistic son during a Thanksgiving school play

The poor boy could be heard screaming, "Oh no!"


As they grow up and learn about the world that surrounds them, little children should be given all the love and support because that’s the only way of helping them turn into caring human beings themselves. 

Most kids are very sensitive and vulnerable so we should mind the way we address them, otherwise, they may lose their confidence in themselves and never retrieve it back. 

This is especially true for children with special needs. They sometimes need more attention and a little bit more love and we should always be ready to give it to them. 

Unfortunately, not many are willing to do that and that’s the biggest issue with our societies. 

One mom from Nutter Fort, West Virginia, named Amanda Riddle shared a heartbreaking video of her son’s class performance for Thanksgiving. As all of the kids took their turn to speak, her son Caleb who is mildly autistic was the last one to share his part, but just as he got close to the mic his teacher snatched it away. 

The poor boy could be heard screaming, “Oh no” as he sobbed by the empty mic stand. 

“She just went and snatched the microphone from him,” mother Amanda said. “My heart broke, to watch that.”

What’s most, Caleb played the Thanksgiving turkey and his line was “gobble gobble gobble.” 

People who have seen the heart-wrenching video were furious at the school and the teacher who said how Caleb already had his part during the show and additional “gobble, gobble, gobble” wasn’t in the script nor planned. 

Amanda felt really bad for her son and wonders whether it would killed them if they let Caleb say his line again. 

We believe the school and the staff should be more considerate, especially when it comes to students like Caleb who are more sensitive and need extra attention.