Elderly Man Kicked Out Of Bank Of America, Then Cop Takes Action

A police officer from California has warmed the hearts of people all across the country after what he did for an elderly man who had been kicked out of a local Bank of America. Officer Robert Josett received a call from the bank about a 92-year-old man who was reportedly causing a scene. The elderly man was agitated after trying to withdraw money from his account. He had encountered trouble doing so because his ID was expired.


A 92-year-old man wanted to withdraw some money from the local Bank of America, but his ID was expired and the teller told him he couldn’t help him. The elderly man was upset and then the bank managers called the police and told them to take the man out of the premises.

It was officer Robert Josett who answered the call about the man who was reportedly causing a scene.

A Bank of America location for visual representation. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

As the man didn’t have any proper identification, the bank was unable to process his request to withdraw his money. However, he didn’t understand why the teller was refusing to help him. As a result, the elderly man grew upset and caused a commotion.

When Officer Josett learned what was going on, he decided to do something unconventional.

Officer Robert Josett (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/CBS Los Angeles/YouTube)

Not wanting the elderly gentleman to leave the place without his money, Officer Josett offered him a lift to the DMV where he got a new ID. After that, he took the man back to the Bank of America so that he could proceed with the withdrawal.

This act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed. Someone at the bank learned what the officer did, and soon after, the story reached the Montebello Police Department, who shared it on Facebook along with some photos.

Officer Robert Josett assists an elderly man who was unable to withdraw money from his account at Bank of America because of an expired ID. (Photo Credit: Montebello Police Department/Facebook)

“This Officer is a Saint!” commented one person on the police department’s Facebook post. “All this Little Grampa wants is to keep his independence. And the officer helped him in a dignified manner. Good Job Officer!”

“Heart touching and I love that the officer was able to get him in and out of the DMV so quickly!” joked another. “That alone is medal worthy!”

Social media users praised Officer Josett for helping the elderly Bank of America customer renew his license. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

“This is beautiful,” wrote someone else. “We need more stories like this to show the people that not all police officers are bad and that they go above and behind their regular duties to help everyone.”

“We often hear only bad news of officers, we can’t judge everyone the same,” agreed another. “Officer Robert Josett thank you so much for helping this elderly man, it could have been my father or grandfather. God Bless you….and thank you for your service.”

Anyone with an elderly parent or grandparent can likely relate to the situation this old man found himself in. At 92-years-old, you’re simply not as sharp as you used to be, so something like an expired ID can really throw you off, especially when it’s preventing you from accessing your own money.

This old man only needed to be shown some kindness and a bit of patience. Officer Josett showed him both and turned out to be his guardian angel. The people of Montebello, California, are certainly lucky to have such a compassionate officer protecting them.

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