New parents hire repair service to fix furnace, only to find note about newborn son scribbled on the bill

Sometimes the good news comes just before the bad. For Jesse and Maria Holcher, good news comes in its happiest form. Upon returning home, Jesse learned the bad news...


Offering kindness and doing good is the quality only the best among us possess. 

During a harsh winter, the second baby of the family Hulscher was born. Mom Maria and dad Jesse were over the moon and their sweet son became an older brother. 

While Maria and the baby were still at the hospital, Jesse went home wanting to make sure everything was ready for the welcoming of the bundle of joy into the house. But then, he stumbled upon a problem. The furnace stopped working and he started panicking as he knew that finding a repairing company at a short notice would be an issue. 

The winter was a severe one and the temperatures wouldn’t stop going down. He knew he had to act quickly before his wife and the baby came home. He was also concerned for the 2-year-old. So, Jesse called a repair service but he didn’t really expect for them to come soon. But exactly the opposite happened. 

He told the staff at the Magnuson Sheet Metal why he was in such hurry for the furnace to be repaired and they were more than welcome to step in. 

Once the job was done in no time, the repairman handed Jesse the bill. To his surprise, there was only a note written on it which said, “No charge. Take care of baby.” 

Once this lovely story spread around, The Sun contacted the co-owner of the company, Craig Aurand, who said how the company maintains a policy of lending a helping hand to families in need during the holidays free of charge. 

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