Grandpa saves three-year-old granddaughter from explosion, passes away after he brings her to safety

While Don Osteen, a 69-year-old Vietnam veteran, was preparing food for himself and his granddaughter, a gas leak sparked an explosion that would change their family’s lives forever.


The love grandparents have for their grandchildren can’t be measured nor compared to any other kind of love. 

The elderly are there to keep the little ones save and spoil them rotten. So growing up with a grandma and a grandpa means having an awesome childhood.

Don Osteen, a 69-year-old Vietnam veteran was over the moon having to take care of his sweet granddaughter Paetyn while her parents were at work. He always made sure she was having lots of fun when around his house and would always make her lunch.

One day, as he was in the kitchen preparing food a tragedy struck. 

The oven started seeping out gas and in the next moment, a huge explosion happened. The flames started spreading uncontrollably and there was no time for anything to be done. 

The explosion threw Osteen across the kitchen. He was terribly burned and in a lot of pain, but knowing his granddaughter could die, he gathered his strength and lifted himself up.

The smoke and the flames disabled him from seeing Paetyn so he started calling her name. The terrified girl then started screaming and Osteen could locate her. Incredibly, despite his severe injuries, Osteen took the girl in his hands and brought her out of the burning place whose roof already collapsed.

Knowing Paetyn needed to be taken to the doctors, Osteen carried her in his arms for more than a quarter of a mile to the main road. 

Very soon, people who saw them called the ambulance and the two were airlifted and rushed to the emergency room. 

When the doctors realized the severity of Osteen’s injuries, 80% of his body was burned and he had a collapsed lung, they couldn’t believe he was able to carry the girl out of the place. His bravery saved the girl’s life.

Paetyn experienced burns on 30% of her body but doctors treated her and she is now recovering and doing fine. 

Sadly, Osteen didn’t make it. After spending four days at the ICU, he died of a heart attack. But he left the world knowing his granddaughter was saved and it was all that mattered to this courageous man. 

Brandon, Osteen’s son, took to Facebook to share the sad news of his dad’s passing writing:

“He loved my daughter unconditionally. And he gave it all for her to live. He was a great God fearing man who impacted so many people. And he will be missed dearly.”

Osteen’s bravery was known to everyone even from before. During his service in Vietnam, he received the Purple Heart. He’s done so much for our country throughout his life and was always willing to sacrifice himself for the well-being of others.

This last time, his sacrifice cost him his life, but he didn’t care.

People from all over the country were deeply shocked by the sad news. They offered their condolences and prayers to the family. 

Don Osteen will always be remembered as a hero who had done so much for the country and his family.

We are sure little Paetyn will never forget what her grandfather did for her.