Young doctor whose father has Down Syndrome shares what it was like growing up with his dad

Despite having Down Syndrome, Sader's father Jad is the best dad out there!


Most teenagers are embarrassed of their parents at some point in their life. No matter if it’s because of the way their mom and dad dress or act, which kids find outdated and not cool very often, or because they don’t get along, this embarrassment is just a stage that passes quickly.

However, there are also those kids who are never ashamed to confess that their parents are their best friends and greatest support in life. 

Sader Issa, a dentistry student from Syria, is one of them. Namely, Sader’s dad Jad has Down Syndrome, but he’s the coolest and the most loving dad out there, and if you ever believed that people who have the condition are not great at parenting, Jad is there to prove you wrong. 

Sader had an amazing childhood. During his teenage years he always got the support from his parents and his father did all he could in order to help him pursue the career he has always dreamed of. 

This young man says how his dad is his greatest support and a role model. One he has a family on his own, he would love to be as caring and as loving with his children as his father was and still is with him. 

When he’s asked what it looks and feels like to have a parent with Down Syndrome, Sader is more than happy to share his family’s story and tell everyone how lucky he is to have Jad as his dad. 

This family is no different than any other family out there. They have their ups and downs, pretty much as everyone else has, but they always manage to overcome any obstacles because they all love each other so very much. 

Speaking to Bored Panda, Sader said:

“I’m proud of my father. Throughout my life he has been the greatest support for me when I needed it.” 

Although he has experienced certain difficulties because of his condition, it never stood on the way of Jad’s happiness. This amazing father has worked at the nearby mill almost all his life and has always provided for his family.

Now, he’s proud to be a dad of such successful son like Sader. Whenever he speaks to someone new, he never forgets to mention that his son is a doctor. Saying those words always put a huge smile on Jad’s face and fill his heart with joy. 

“It’s possible to see when his eyes are filled with joy and satisfaction, as if to express: yes, I have Down syndrome, but I raised this man and did everything in my power to make him become a doctor and help others,” Sader Issa explained in his interview.

Sader shares his story because he wants to show people that being different can be beautiful.

We should all get rid of the stigmas attached to people with Down Syndrome and finally start treating them as normal people who are a valuable part of our communities. 

“We wish all people were able to accept that being different is not something to be ashamed of. “

“People with Down syndrome are different but they have feelings, aspirations, a mind of their own, and they are capable of living a normal life when there is social acceptance and a society that is supportive,” Sader said. 

Jad and Sader truly are an inspiration as they teach us to embrace differences.

We wish all sons and daughters out there were as close and as proud of their parents like Sader is.