Strangers make offensive comments about 6-year-old boy who survived house fire

This brave six-year-old was involved in a house fire that killed his brother. Instead of offering support, people are making rude comments and stare at him, and it crushes this boy's heart!


Being considerate and empathetic are traits that many people lost along the way. So, many times, instead of offering our support and kind words to those who had gone through so much in their life, we opt to avoid them and even laugh at the tragedies that struck them.

6-year-old boy named Wayne Nixon was involved in a North Carolina house fire this May and he suffered severe burns and injuries. Sadly, his older brother lost his life. 

Wayne’s journey to recovery was a tough one. He had to undergo multiple surgeries and treatments, but his face is still disfigured. 

Ever since he left the hospital, Wayne has been target of bullies and people who wouldn’t stop stare at him, and that crushes this boy’s heart and self-esteem. 

“He comes home and cries sometimes. We come home and cry sometimes,” his grandmother, Wanda Nixon told WGHP. “I wish people would think about the person that’s up under the mask and the way it makes them feel.”

Currently, sweet Wayne is wearing a clear mask and a burn suit that helps facilitate the process of his recovery. His grandma says that many people look at him and call him names. Most of them say he’s scary. 

“To me, he’s not scary. He’s this young man right here under his mask,” she said.

“He has a heart. He bleeds just like you. Stop staring,” she said. “He’s my little warrior. He’s determined. He keeps me going. I know that.”

Hopefully, after watching this video we will finally realize how our offensive comments and stares make others feel and we’ll stop being rude once and for all.