Girl rested her feet on the dashboard – It made her life change forever

This is why you should NEVER put your feet on the dashboard.


This sad story is a reminder that the harmless decisions we take in life can sometimes turn into fatal ones.

A girl named Bethany Benson and her boyfriend were on a road trip when Bethany felt sleepy and tried finding a comfortable position. At one moment, she decided to tilt the seat and stretch her legs on the dashboard. Moments later, she felt asleep. 

Little did she know that taking that position will make her life a living hell. 

When Bethany opened her eyes, she was no longer in the car, but in a hospital bed, surrounded with a bunch of doctors who were fighting for her life. 

During the trip, a small car that was driving ahead of Bethany’s boyfriend’s car crashed into a motorcycle, killing the motorcyclist. Behind the car, there was a huge truck. Witnessing the accident, the truck driver hit the breaks, which caused for Bethany’s boyfriend to hit into the truck with a high speed. 

At the time of the crash, Bethany was sound asleep and doctors say that the combination of sleeping and trauma caused her to block out what had happened. 

The couple’s car was damaged to the extent that it led experts wondering how it was even possible for Bethany and her boyfriend to survive. 

He ended up with 100 stitches on the face and a scar, but Bethany’s condition was extremely severe. She experienced excruciating pain and the chances of her survival were slim. 

As the airbag opened, it caused Bethany’s feet to hit her face. She ended up with a broken cheekbone and nose, broken eye socket, broken jaw, compressed feet and more. 

Sadly, she also had a brain bleeding which turned to be more serious than what doctors initially thought. 

It caused a permanent brain damage and Bethany turned into a completely different person. She lost the ability to hear and speak French. She also experienced difficulties using English and communicate with those around her. 

The handful of pills she takes every single day only helps her condition get a bit milder.  

Years passed by and Bethany is still struggling to function properly. Her mother says that she acts like a teenager and throws tantrums for no reason. She even writes messages in which she offends and threatens people but later completely forgets ever doing that.  

Life can take a different turn in an instant. For Bethany, it was just one simple decision that turned it upside down forever. 

If she hadn’t put her legs on the dashboard maybe she would have suffered tiny injuries only. 

Let her story be a lesson for the rest of us to never stretch our feet while in a driving vehicle and to always have our seat-belt on.

Take a look at Bethany’s full story in the video below.