School Refuses to Take 8-Year-Old Girl’s Photo Because Her Hair is Dyed Red – She Leaves in Tears

When her teachers spotted her red hair extensions, they told Marian she couldn't be part of the pictures and asked her to wait in the corridor.


Most of us remember picture days at school and how excited we were to get group photos with our classmates. I still have mine from the time I was a student and whenever I see them I recall those fun and careless times. 

An 8-year-old girl named Marian Scott won’t be able to see a 3rd grade picture of herself and her classmates years from now because she was denied one. 

Apparently, she broke the school’s dress code, in her case the hairstyle code, and was told to wait in the corridor while everyone else was being taken photo of. The reason why made many people mad as they agree that most times school rules and policies are kind of stupid and limit students’ creativity and suppress their self-expression. 

Marian was overly excited for the picture day and asked her mom to take her to the hair salon so that she could have a new hairstyle which included a hair cut and some red dyed extensions. 

According to Marian’s mom, Latoya Howard, the girl was very pleased with the way she looked and just “couldn’t stop staring at herself in the mirror.”

Marian’s hair for the picture day was nicely and neatly braided in a bun. But when her teachers spotted her new hairstyle, they told Marian that she didn’t look decent and that she couldn’t be part of the photo shooting. They even excluded her from the group photo. 

The poor girl was confused because she believed that she would be paid some compliment. Instead, she was told off and left to spend the day all alone while everyone else was having fun and hanged out together. 

Marian started crying and couldn’t wait to get home. When she told her parents what happened, they got really angry because they believed their daughter shouldn’t have gone through such an unpleasant experience because of something like a dyed hair. 

After they contacted the school Marian attends, Paragon Charter Academy in Michigan, the teachers told them it was a rule and that they didn’t feel guilty for excluding Marian from the photos. 

They even said how the parents should have known the school rules which said that students were only allowed ‘natural hair tones.’

Instead of an apology from the principal, the family was given a week ‘to correct’ their daughter’s hair. In case they didn’t, she would not be allowed to attend classes. 

Marian’s mom and dad believe their daughter didn’t do anything wrong, but still got rid of her extensions because they didn’t want her to be suspended and miss classes. 

They still believe that the school should apologize for making the girl cry that day.

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