Mom Buys Girls Glow In The Dark Pajamas, Tells Them They Need To Stay Still To ‘Charge’ Them

This is such a brilliant idea!


Let’s get honest, when children come into our life there is very little chance that we ever take some time for ourselves. Starting from preparing healthy meals and spending a bunch of time in the kitchen, taking them out for a walk or at the park, making their days fun, and struggling to get them to sleep at night make parents exhausted. 

One clever mom, however, found a cool way to get her two girls to sleep without begging them to stop fighting and being naughty.

When she bought those glow-in-the-dark pajamas, mom Jessica D’Entremont had no idea she was buying her self some free time. 

Jessica exposed the pajamas to some light before the girls got to bed and they were overjoyed wearing their unique piece of clothing. The second night, however, Jessica ‘forgot’ to keep the pajamas under light which meant they didn’t work. The girls were disappointed and kept asking what was wrong. It was then that their mommy told them how in order for the pajamas to work and glow they had to put them on, lie down under some light, and stay completely still. 

The moment she realized her two beautiful girls were getting very sleepy, Jessica turned the lights off and both girls drifted off to sleep in a matter of minutes. 

Jessica couldn’t believe what had happened as getting them into bed would rarely pass without the girls fighting and refusing to sleep.

The night was peaceful and this tired mom could have it all for herself. 

Needless to say, as she had a glass of wine and her favorite book in her hands, Jessica couldn’t stop wondering whether her trick was a one time lucky pass or it will work in the days to come as well. 

The next night, Jessica asked her girls to lie still again so that their pajamas could be charged. To her surprise, once the girls relaxed, they fell asleep very quickly and Jessica was over the moon she could skip hours of calming them down and forcing them to go to bed. 

Her trick works and she is more than happy to share it with other parents out there. 

Of course, Jessica makes sure the pajamas are out of light during the day so that the girls can ‘charge’ them before going to bed. 

She hopes others will find this useful. If you have young kids yourself, let us know of the outcome in case you are giving this trick a go.