Granny gets hilarious revenge on driver who wouldn’t stop honking at her while crossing the street

Way to go grandma!


As people grow old, they usually feel the need to take things slowly because their bodies are not as strong as they used to be. Many have troubles perform even the most basic tasks such as going to the store and running errands. 

What we should do in such cases is be patient and let them take all the time they need. We, as a society, should do all in our power to facilitate the life of the elderly people. Sadly, not everyone is considerate towards them. 

An elderly lady was trying to cross the road, and she was obviously having troubles walking. However, the person waiting for her to pass wouldn’t stop honking at her. This made the lady mad so she decided to teach him a lesson. 

The people who witnessed the incident were left in stitches by the lady’s act. This teaches us that we should never mess with old people because they’ve been around way longer than us and know a lot more. 

Check the video below and see the lady’s sweet revenge.