Mom doesn’t want adopted son after she has children on her own so she gives him away

After Dmitri’s adopted parents had biological children, they gave him away to a complete stranger they met online.


It looks like some individuals’ cruelty has no boundaries and it makes us question our faith in humanity.

When he was just five years old, little Dmitri Stewart was adopted from an orphanage near Moscow, Russia, and was brought to the U.S. But the American dream turned into a nightmare for this boy.

When he turned 13, his adoptive mother, Victoria got pregnant and she and her husband Billy believed Dmitri was just a burden now they were about to have children on their own.

What they decided to do will chill your blood. They took to the Internet to find him new parents. These vicious people gave Dmitri away to a complete stranger they chatted with online.

Sadly, the person Dmitri ended up with was a woman named Nicole Eason who was engaged to a pedophile. She lived in a run-down shack she claimed was a home school. The worst part of all was that she wasn’t allowed to have any more children as her own were taken away from her by the social services. 

Luckily for Dmitri, a neighbor got concerned for him and alerted the authorities who took him from Eason. 

When they learned of Dmitri’s ordeal, people were horrified because of the way he was dumped by his adoptive parents. Children swap was something real and it terrified the whole country.

Thankfully, Dmitri was able to continue with his life. He’s now 20 years old and wants his story heard.