Baby born with white patch of hair is winning the internet

Isn't she beyond adorable?


Genetics plays a huge part in who we are, and that’s not only true for our character and certain traits and behaviors we express, but our looks as well. We inherit a lot of things from our moms and dads, and ever other family members, and sometimes those features are what makes us unique, as well as different from the rest of the people.

Facebook / Brianna Worthy

The family of baby girl MilliAnna has a distinguishing “trademark” that seems to run in their genes and is passed on from generation to generation.

Sweet MilliAnna and her mother Brianna Worthy are just two of the four generations of women in the family who have a white streak in their hair and that makes them truly special. Their photos have captured the hearts of many who say they are the cutest mother-daughter duo ever.

Facebook / Brianna Worthy

Even before Millianna was born, her mother somehow knew she would inherit that special mark, and her intuition didn’t lie to her. Needless to say, this mother from South Carolina is very happy she and her baby girl have the same hair. That white streak above Millianna’s forehead looks very cool and stylish.

Science says this condition is known as poliosis and is a result of a lack of pigment. Many times, this condition appears along with vitiligo.

Brianna’s mom Jennifer and grandma Jaonne have the same mark. Jaonne was adopted as a little girl so she doesn’t know whether her biological mom had it as well.

When she was little Brianna was often teased because of her white patch of hair and her friends even called her skunk, but as time passed by, she didn’t only learn how to live with her uniqueness, but also embraced it and is proud of it.

She is glad her baby daughter is nicely accepted by everyone and that most people say she’s beyond cute, especially when they see the duo together.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Brianna said, “The majority of the time I welcome the polite comments and don’t mind answering the many questions, but honestly, it can be overwhelming at times. When I’m in a rush and just trying to do what I need and keep going.”

Take a look at the video of MilliAnna and Brianna below and share it with your friends if you think this sweet little girl is beyond beautiful.