Little girl surprises Steve Harvey with her knowledge of anatomy

Isn't she the smartest?


Little children often leave us speechless with their knowledge on different subjects. It’s pretty incredible, especially because they know a lot of things that even  grown-ups have no idea of. 

This time, the host of some of our favorite shows, Family Feud and Little Big Shots, Steve Harvey, was left completely stunned by one of his guests at his show. Namely, Little Big Shots is all about prodigies who take our breath away with the skills and the incredible amount of knowledge they possess. 

One would think that Harvey has seen it all, so the fact he was left in disbelief by what four-year-old Brielle Milla had to show on stage speaks a lot of this little lady. 

At the start of her performance, Harvey and Milla got on stage bringing a skeleton with them. The audience had no idea what to expect, but then Milla showed off her expertise in the field of osteology, scientific study of bones. 

Honestly, looking at her, one would assume she would perform a cute song or a dance routine, but as we all know looks can be deceiving and Milla proved that to be true once again. 

Believe it or not, this lady knows every single bone of human’s body. And when we say that, we mean she knows a lot more than just the names. 

The audience is eager to see what will happen when Harvey points to a bone and asks Milla to tell him what that bone is. Without hesitating even a bit, she says it’s the pelvis. 

She then goes even further and says, “It’s the only bone in the body that’s gender-specific, which means that it’s different in boys and girls,” to which Harvey adds, “Is it?”

Lovely Milla confirms that and then puts her tiny hand over her mouth and says, “Yes. The pelvis’s job is to protect the organs used for digesting and reproduction, which means growing babies.”

Everyone is in stitches by this hilarious girl’s response and can’t help but clap without stopping. 

The show goes on when Harvey asks about another bone. Milla rushes to answer it’s the human’s skull. “There’s 22 bones in the skull.” That’s truly impressive, isn’t it? I bet if you ask adults about this, most will fail to answer. 

“Around the brain, there’s right tranial bones, and there are 14 facial bones.” This made Harvey say how Milla is the cutest kid he’s ever seen, and we simply have to agree. 

The host thanks Milla for being part of the show and making it an awesome one. “You’re very smart, you’re very pretty, and you’re very polite.” 

Milla proves this to be right by saying ‘thank you’ a couple of times. 

Take a look at this doctor in the making in the video below.