Drunk Driver Left Mortified After Waking Up From 10-Year Coma, Then Finds Out It Was All A Lie



Losing a loved one to a car accident fuelled by drink-driving is a fatality that could have been easily prevented had the person behind the wheel not made the irresponsible and frankly selfish decision to drive while under the influence.

That’s why the message behind this video is so important and that’s why it went viral soon after it was uploaded.

In 2013, Tom Mabe played an epic prank on his friend in order to teach him a lesson. His friend, Ray, had essentially become an avid drunk driver but it was only when he was charged with his fifth DUI that Tom knew he had to step in and help him see the error of his ways.

So this prank wasn’t merely about having a laugh at Ray’s expense, but about allowing him to see the value of his own life and the lives of innocent people whom his drinking habits could potentially kill.

So Ray’s friend, Tom, watched him get absolutely wasted, as per usual, then took him to a faux hospital room. So when Ray woke up, he found himself in the presence of medical staff, who were really just actors in disguise. The first person Ray sees after waking up is the nurse who informs her “patient” that the “doctor” will soon be in to check up on him.

Credit: YouTube / MabeInAmerica

When he meets the “doctor”, he learns that it is now 2023 and that a whole decade of his life was spent in the hospital.

“Some time ago you were out drinking and you decided to drive and there was an accident,” the “doctor” explains. “And you’ve been here with us for some time. This accident took place back in 2013, it’s now 2023. You’ve been in a coma for the past 10 years.”

They even prepared a fake TV news report set 10 years in the future, only serving to confuse Ray even further.

Credit: YouTube / MabeInAmerica

The most poignant moment in the video is that when Ray learns what had happened to him, he immediately asks “Where’s my daughter at?”

The fact that family is so dear to him is just another reason why his drink driving, which could drive him to an early grave, needs to be brought under control.

So watch the video to see how Ray reacts to the prank and ask yourselves if it was justified? Or whether his friends were taking advantage of his weakness and perhaps took it too far.