Package Thief Attempts To Steal From Front Porch, Then Karma Immediately Strikes Back With Full Force


The criminal justice system was set up so people who commit crimes receive the penalty they deserve, but sometimes justice comes even more swiftly. Some people might call this fate, others karma, but one thing is for sure – they definitely had it coming!

Such was the case when this woman decided to steal some packages off of some unsuspecting victim’s porch.

Shortly after the UPS truck left the neighborhood, a car with tinted windows drove up and a woman got out of the passenger side. After checking to make sure no one was watching, she quickly walked up to the porch and grabbed the three packages that had just been left there.

It looked like she was going to get away scot-free, but then karma hit her hard!

Watch what happens to the woman in the video below:

Maybe what follows was a freak accident…or maybe it was karma.

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