Bus driver mows the lawn when he sees kids waiting in overgrown weeds

Fearing the kids waiting for the bus in weeds were not safe, Martin mowed it himself.


Many times, certain individuals go way beyond their job for the sake of others. These kind people are the reason why our faith in humanity is restored, because not everyone is willing to put extra effort and do something they are not paid for. 

Meet Jerry Martin. This incredible man has worked as a school bus driver for many years, and the kids who go to and back from school with him say he’s one of the most caring people they’ve ever met.

The story of Martin has gone viral recently and it’s all for the right reasons. Namely, on his everyday route, he picks up a lot of students. Just recently, he noticed how some of them are waiting for him at a bus stop full of overgrown weed. 

This fact caused concerns at Martin who feared for the students’ safety.

Instead of waiting for someone to come and mow the high weed and grass, Martin decided to take it upon himself and clean the place. 

He could have just ignore the fact that insects or even snakes might be lurking from the weed and only make sure the kids are safe while abroad, but his heart of gold wouldn’t let the poor students wait there. 

Someone noticed Martin getting rid of the weed and took some photos of him that were later shared by the town’s school district.

People couldn’t help by comment on his kindness. 

What’s most, former students who were part of his bus before shared how this wasn’t the first time for him to go an extra mile for them.

One person recalled how he used to bring fresh fruits for everyone who was in his bus. 

Martin has been a school bus driver for more than eighteen years and parents whose kids he drives appreciate his love and effort. 

When asked for his kind deed, Martin says that there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for the kids’ safety. 

Curtis Jenkins is another school bus driver who cares for the kids he drives as though they were his own.

Believe it or not, he spent a lot of time learning what the kids wanted for Christmas and make sure to buy each of the items on his list. He bought 70 gifts that he wrapped perfectly and handed to the students.

We thank both Martin and Jenkins for their kind soul and the humanity they show. Two inspiring individuals, indeed.