School staff beat 7-year-old boy to death for being in toilet for too long

Aldo Moroni, who was only seven years old at the time, was reportedly beaten to death by school staff for being in the toilet for too long.


Back in 1980, the students from the Catholic school of St Columba’s College in Ayrshire, Scotland, U.K, were shaken by the news that their classmate and friend, 7-year-old Aldo Moroni had died of a heart attack.

Today, 39 years after his sudden death, former students are speaking of the harsh reality behind the horrific incident and step forward with some serious allegations against a school staff member.

The person who came forward with information on the case was a pupil in that college himself and is now 64 years old. He recalls the time of his student years and how one of the teachers treated him with disrespect and beat him in many occasions.

This man that goes by the name Edward claims how his nephew, who was Aldo’s classmate, told him that the same teacher, a religious brother called Brother Germanus – real name David McKell in fact killed little Aldo after the boy stayed in the toilet for too long.

These claims first surfaced in a Daily Mail newspaper report and are now brought to court.

According to Edward’s nephew, the kids were present at the time of the murder but were way too young to understand what had really happened.

During the court hearing that took place in Edinburgh, Edward said that allegedly the boy was in the toilet for long and his teacher got really mad at that fact.

“[My nephew said] there was screaming and holy murder going on; it got worse, and the next thing we [the nephew and his classmates] knew, there’s an ambulance there, and the next thing we knew we are at a funeral in Dunoon – Aldo was dead.”

Edward believes that he himself and the rest of the students from the school who fell victims to the hands of the cruel teacher should have spoken of what was going on behind closed door and probably stop him from hurting other students, including poor Aldo. Sadly, it’s now way too late to be sorry.

“I thought about my cowardice – could I have stopped that boy being killed?” he said.

The vicious teacher, McKell, died 21 years ago but now other former students speak of the horrific things he did to innocent pupils who attended the school.

Aldo’s story should teach us to always speak up when an injustice is taking place, because that way, we may help stop bad people from doing bad things.