Woman’s True Colors Shown After Visit To Elderly Veterans Home

The veteran was walking the family of four thru his house when the woman suddenly said she had to go to the restroom. As the veteran led the other three family members into the next room she stayed behind not knowing a security camera was capturing her real intentions on camera.


As we age we find ourselves easily trusting other people. Whether it’s because we rely on them or just because we have nothing to lose, it can sometimes turn into a problem that leads to getting taken advantage of. When a frail 94-year-old veteran named Thomas Hendrix opened his doors to a family to walk them thru his Georgia home he didn’t think anything of it. Only later that day Neil Deloch, his caretaker, saw a shocking sight on Thomas’ security camera that immediately raised red flags.


In the footage Thomas escorts a family of four thru his house, two children and a man and wife. Thomas grabs his pet cockatoo and one of the curious kids asks “Does she bite” to which Thomas responds no. From there, he shuffles into the next room with the kids following behind. The man follows them into the other room when the woman stays behind in the room and asks if she can use his restroom. With everyone, including the homeowner in the other room, she then finds the veteran’s wallet and pry’s it open looking for cash. She takes some cash out then finds a second wallet that is empty. Realizing the second wallet is empty she goes back to the first wallet and removes more cash.


The woman then stuffs the cash into her bra and enters the bathroom but only flushes the toilet to make it seem as though she was in the bathroom the entire time. Neil was outraged upon seeing the surveillance video and decided to post the video online. The woman, named Heather, then came forward in his post to state that the entire thing was a big misunderstanding and she didn’t steal from the veteran. While there is no telling whether or not she is telling the truth it seems suspicious that she would enter bathroom just to flush the toilet and make it seem like she was in there the entire time. Watch the footage for yourself in the video below.