Cop’s Rant About Slow ‘Grandpa’ On Road Goes Viral

He was only going 1 mile an hour and even snapped at the officer as he tried to talk to him. But just wait until you get a glimpse of this senior citizen - hilarious!


There’s no question that being on the road with speeding drivers can be dangerous. But the reality is slow motorists can pose a threat as well – on top of being frustrating! So when one officer noticed a very old ‘grandpa’ in front of him while driving, he kept his eyes peeled. After all, he was traveling well under the speed limit.


Florida deputy Brian Bowman got back in his car after confronting the slow ‘driver’ and felt the need to vent about his experience to the camera. He starts out by expressing his annoyance saying, “The nerve of this guy… He’s literally going 1 mile per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone.” Whoa, that sounds pretty bad! Officer Bowman then goes on to explain that the guy’s about 100-years-old, which seems to help things make more sense. But then he continues, “He shouldn’t be out on the roadways to begin with.”


From the sounds of it the officer was in a pretty interesting situation, especially since when he went to talk to him he was snapped at! But just as you’re feeling Officer Bowman’s frustration, the camera turns to reveal the elderly grandpa… And who’s in front of him is exactly as described – only it’s a tortoise walking slowly in the middle of the street! The video is so funny and spot-on that it’s gone viral. Press play below to see it for yourself. How the officer closes it up is hilarious!