Man Follows Postman And Silently Records His Actions

The mailman had no business being in this area, so the curious stranger decided to start following him. That is when he uncovered the chilling truth.


Sometimes it is easy to fall behind on our work duties when we’re overwhelmed with too much work. In the case of U.S. Postal Service workers, when their jobs get to be too much, the stuff that’s piling up on their proverbial desk may actually be our undelivered mail!

Unscrupulous mail carriers may even go so far as to hide the evidence somewhere nearby. When cinematographer Douglas Thron saw a mailman hanging around an area of town that he had no business being in, he was confused by the mailman’s behavior.


So he pulled out his camera and pressed record. It didn’t take long for him to figure out the truth about the postman.

Mail carriers spend long hours on their feet every day, and they’re supposed to deliver our mail six days a week, rain or shine, through sleet and snow. Oh, and apparently they make sure you get your important Amazon packages in post-apocalyptic conditions, too!


When Douglas flew his drone above the wildfire-ravaged city of Santa Rosa, California, the only thing he expected to film was a scene of utter devastation. Instead, the drone captured a lone mailman in the act of bringing the neighborhood back to life, in his own special way.

In the video, a postal service worker can be seen driving his truck through a burned-out suburb, making regular stops to deliver the mail. Although many of the homes had been leveled by the flames, somehow the mailboxes were still standing.


The mail carrier’s name is Trevor Smith, and people are calling him the most dedicated mailman on the planet! Trevor was honoring the request of the homeowners in the area, who were being let back into the fire zone to retrieve personal items.

Trevor’s efforts were captured by the drone along Piner Street, which is where a senior mobile home park is located. Some of the seniors Trevor personally knew from his route had asked him to continue to deliver their mail while they were evacuated.


Watch the video below to find out more about this heartwarming story.