Grandpa Dancing At Festival

Grandpa "going wild" at the electronic music festival is how you appreciate music :)


This 83-year-old man proves that you’re only as old as you feel. At a festival in Holland, he shows everyone a thing or two about a great way to appreciate music.

An electronic dance music festival is not where most people would expect to find a man in his eighties. Yet at the Edit Dance Festival in Haarlem, he proves that dance is in the genes of the Dutch. This festival had international DJs performing, yet this man will probably be remembered best for his performance that day. He had the best dance moves in the whole crowd, and several people gathered in the background to watch him. When asked what he thought of the festival, he responded, “It’s still early. I am waiting for the DJs who play harder music”. What a great reply! He is now inspiring many people who have watched his video, whether they are older and thought their dancing days were behind them, or if they are younger and now have someone to look up to and emulate as the years go by. When he enjoys the music, he is ready to let loose and dance and won’t let anything stop him.