Woman bends over dead woman. Seconds later, family notices something priceless went missing

What this thief did is beyond shameful!


Lois Hicks, an 88-year-old woman passed away in her hometown of Odessa in April 2006. The family members gathered for a meeting near a nearby funeral home the following day. All was well, until Lois’ family left the room.

A woman with no family ties found her way in the funeral’s restroom at 5:30 p.m. The unidentified female thief leaned into the coffin and removed Lois’ diamond ring from her finger. The thief fled after her deed.

Fortunately, the security camera’s captured the incident. When Vel, Lois’ daughter, walked in 15 minutes later to retouch her late mom’s makeup, she discovered the ring was missing. Despite the camera capturing the incident, the police were unable to identify the female thief. Days later, the authorities were able to trace the 41-year old woman and preferred charges against her, stealing from a human corpse.

Unknown to the thief, she had a stolen a fake diamond ring worth $10. I am sure the thief has not recovered from the embarrassment she caused herself yet.

Lois must really have been a pretty fantastic and humorous woman to be able to play a prank on people — even after her own death.

Below you can see what the camera caught.