A Lifeguard’s Heroic Rescue Of A Drowning Little Girl

This lifeguard's heroism will stun you.


Terry is a lifeguard at Bondi Beach in Australia, and thanks to his heroic action, this little girl’s life was saved. When he first spotted this little girl from his tower, her arms were flailing above the water, but her head kept hiding from the currents. She was clearly in danger. But Terry’s incredible speed and safety mode kicked into full gear and he rushed towards the crashing waves with no time to lose.

He sprinted through the sand with his surf board, and dove into the water, all the while hoping he would get there in time When he grasped her tiny body out of the water, he lifted her onto his board while she took in the deepest breath of air. The two of them were still stunned by what just happened, but they made it to shore.

Shedding painful tears, Terry shares about how his own dear baby was lost after having been in the birth canal too long and died after lack of oxygen. The tragic experience has had a major impact on Terry’s life and gives him a passionate focus to save others lives so that other parents don’t have to experience the loss he went through.