The Horrifying Talocan Ride at Phantasialand

This ride is definitely made for thrill seekers!


Talocan is Phantasialand’s ride that has got every guest’s heart racing. It looks normal, then the fire comes in. This 32-passenger ride is one of the most talked-about at Phantasialand due to the many terrifying features it boasts of. Filmed from four different angles, this clip shows the entire ride of Talocan and all the crazy features – just watch the guests as they endure through it.


Like most rides, it starts out in that slow elevation which allows you just enough time for your anticipation to sky-rocket. Chills run up and down your spine, and you start to wonder what you are about to go through, or if it is even worth it. Then, suddenly, you are dropped in a swinging motion, but the craziness has only started. These guests go through all of that, which is the typical for a theme park ride, but Talocan is so much more.


There is a monster-sized statue which hails in the front-center of the ride, looking like he’s about to attack every time the people are lowered. There are also unexpected bursts of fiery flames, and walls of water that spray throughout the ride. Each second is a new surprise!