UPS driver of 43 years retires after 6 million miles, says God is why he never had single accident

'A lot of luck, but I think God’s been with me most of the way.'


When you are young and dedicated to building a successful career you never think about the retirement. The common opinion is that it’s far away and we never give a second thought about it. But when we do retire, we know we have accomplished something useful and good in our lives.

This is how Jimmy Christopher Howard feels like. This resident of Atlanta has been recently retired. He ended his career with excellent score and he is proud to say that he was a good worker.

He has been driving for UPS 43 years. His fascinated career was marked by something that many of the other drivers can’t claim.

He has been driving the busy city streets since 1975. Imagine the stress and frustration of being stuck in the traffic jam. Bad feeling, right?

However, no matter the stress and the traffic jam, Jimmy ended his career with a perfect record. He has been driving the streets safely. He wasn’t involved in any accidents nor he endangered the safety of the other people.
Nevertheless, Jimmy is a modest man and doesn’t acknowledge his capabilities. For FOX 5 he says:

“A lot of luck, but I think God’s been with me most of the way. And great training from our management staff.”

This man drove some 6 million miles during his career. He started driving at the age of 22.

His usual rout was from Atlanta to Mississippi, which means he had to cover some 525 miles each day.

His retirement was saluted and congratulated by his co-workers as well. When he walked off the job, the truckers blasted the horns of the trucks. This salute was very touching for Jimmy. He was acknowledged for his career by the company and the staff.

On Jimmy’s Facebook post many people and co-workers congratulated Jimmy. Rokeia Gravely posted:

“The salute you get after 43 years of service and a perfect driving record at UPS!”

Another person wrote:

“Congratulations!! Enjoy your retirement!!”

One friend of his added:

“Congratulations may God bless you on your next journey and enjoy your retirement well deserved.”

His wife was very proud and happy for her husband. Her sincere post said:

“I am so very proud of you…” she wrote.

“I know it is a bitter sweet time… I know they are going to miss you…” she added. “There will never be another driver quite like you I am sure. Time to celebrate the next stage of your life. You have earned it!!! I love you with all my heart.”

Really incredible career. This an excellent example for all us. With drivers like Jimmy, the number of accidents will decrease significantly. Congrats Jimmy!