Energy drinks ‘eat away’ man’s tongue – now he’s warning everyone

The teacher wants to spread the dangers of energy drinks after they did this to his tongue. I had no idea they could do this. Let's help get the message out there!


Thousands of times you have heard about the side effects of excessive drinking of fizzy drinks, particularly energy drinks. The chemicals and the sugar they contain, according to the doctors, are in no way healthy for our bodies.

Even though we are aware of all of these warnings, we still drink them and enjoy them. The taste and the freshness they provide lure people to consume them on regular basis.

Dan Royals, a teacher, is just like all of us. He was aware of the possible side effects of the usage of such drinks, but he was drinking these energy drinks no matter what. However, the warnings turned out to be true. His tongue was heavily damaged by the drinks. The doctors point out that the energy drinks are the cause of such damage.

He posted his problem on Facebook. He uploaded a photo of the damaged tongue and wrote:

“Who drinks energy drinks? Addicted to them? May wanna think again.
Have a look at the 2nd pic ….. That’s what that shit does to your tongue, imagine what’s it like on your internals?

Up until recently when this started to occur I was drinking at least 5-6 a day (lack of energy teaching kids usually) and I brush daily, went to the doctor and boom! Found out it’s the chemicals in these drinks that are causing it… It literally eats away at your tongue.”

He also tells us that he is a smoker but smoking is not the reason for such damage. He adds:

“So be wary guys. Just to make it clear, I actually do care for my oral health but this is purely from these drinks… I do smoke but has nothing to do with the eating away of my tongue.”

Official warning

Dan is just of many who points out that too much consumption of energy drinks leads to some serious health issues. The World Health Organization is also talking about this issue. They told a British newspaper:

“A study in the US showed that dental cavities can result from the acidic pH and high-sugar content of products such as energy drinks.”

They also add:

“Another study showed that consumption of energy drinks can cause erosion and smear layer removal in the teeth, leading to cervical dentin hypersensitivity.”

These things should not be ignored. People should consider such warnings very seriously. Maybe momentarily we are not aware of the terrible side effects, but these cases like Dan’s give us clear picture of the possible outcome.

There are always substitutes for energy drinks or fizzy drinks, use the alternatives!