Teen says first words after head-on car crash left him with traumatic brain injury 2 years ago

'Jackson's first words!!!!! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!!! Jackson is beginning to speak!!! #toGodbetheglory #hardworkpaysoff #happytears'


2017 was a terrible year for Jackson Gannon, a teenager from South Carolina. This young man, who was an excellent student and star sportsman among his peers, had a terrible accident that completely changed his life.

In 2017, while he was travelling in Georgia, he got very serious brain damage when he was in involved in a car crash. According to WBTV, the accident caused brain damage, pneumonia and staph infection. These drastically changed his life and stopped him from doing the things he was best at.

Having in mind the seriousness of injuries and how the injuries affected his organs, the doctors told the family that they do not expect him to walk or even talk again. This devastated the family.

However, Jackson turned out to be fighter. With lots of exercises, therapy and support from medical staff and the family, Jackson can walk again on his own. It took him some 21 months to make some progress and this recovery encouraged him to fight even more.

However, that’s not all. He has even spoken his first words since the terrible accident. His family posted a video on his Facebook page showing how Jackson said the first words.

He spoke the first words by using the finger. This method facilitated his pronunciation. Initially he places the finger to make the ‘shh’ sound, and then he continues uttering the word ‘she’.

By using this technique, Jackson continues with his second word. Again, with the help of the finger he utters the  word ‘shoe’.

He and his family are overwhelmed by happiness and hope. Jackson did the unexpected. His family’s happiness was evident in the post itself:

“Jackson’s first words!!!!!” the caption read. “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!!! Jackson is beginning to speak!!! #toGodbetheglory #hardworkpaysoff #happytears.”

These small steps are huge for Jackson. With proper exercise, therapy and will he may achieve the unexpected and prove that the doctors have been mistaken.

Since he was a star wrestler in his school, Jackson’s personal characteristic as a fighter once again prevail. Now his life’s goals are totally different than those prior to the accident, but the benefits from achieving the current goals are tremendous. Normalizing your life is a priority number one.

Stasea Morris, his mother, believes that God has played his role in this recovery as well. She says:

“This was Jackson’s reaction to spreading hope across the nation! We explained to him that his testimony has reached nearly 600k views. This was his dream before the car wreck and it is being fulfilled, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and His miraculous restoration.”