Samaritan sees cop’s bloody body in middle of road, helps save his life until EMT arrives

Samaritan sees cop’s bloody body in middle of road, helps save his life until EMT arrives


Police officers are those people who put their life on the line every single day just to make sure everyone else is safe and sound. Many believe how their job is not as significant as that of the members of the military
when it comes to people’s safety, forgetting along the way how the police would be the first to assist if we find ourselves in trouble.

In fact, these people never know what sort of situation they would have to deal with while on the job. KVIA reported the case of Deputy Peter Herrera who was patrolling on March 22 in San Elizario, Texas. At around 1:50 a.m. he pulled a vehicle over and asked for the drivers license and registration, but instead, he got a few shots and was left lying in the street all covered in blood.

Luckily, another driver named Xavier Lira witnessed the incident and rushed to assist the wounded cop. He called 911 and didn’t leave Deputy Peter Herrera’s side until help arrived.

Lira told KTSM how he believed he found himself at the scene that day for a reason, and that was to help the officer in need. He also states how looking at all that blood, he was almost certain the officer wouldn’t make it. The sight was chilling.

Lira adds, “He did ask me to go ahead and take off his shirt because he felt like everything was on top of him.”

“When I took off his shirt he still had the bulletproof vest on and everything. So I was like OK you know for sure he’s OK but being that I had seen all the blood in his face and legs and everything that kind of worried me.”

Herrera was shot in the head and his condition is still critical, but according to KVIA the bullet didn’t reach his brain and doctors are hoping and expecting for him to survive.

Sheriff Richard Wiles confirmed that Deputy Herrera was shot multiple times, but he didn’t have the time to return fire.

“We have video cam from both the car and the officer’s body which are very revealing as to the circumstances and this shooting,” he continued. “Those cameras are very helpful in law enforcement in proving cases and that camera is going to be a solid piece of evidence.”

The person who shot Deputy Herrera was later tracked down and identified as the 27-year-old Facundo Chavez. He faces charges for criminal attempted murder capital murder of a peace officer and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

“Yet another attack on LE while simply serving the community,” the Peace Officers Research Association of California posted. “Today Deputy Peter Herrera with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office – EPCSO was needlessly shot multiple times during a traffic stop. Deputy Herrera at this time is in critical condition. A fundraiser account has been set up on Facebook.”

“Prayers needed for Deputy Peter Herrera an El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy who was shot overnight and is in critical condition,” the Sheriff Deputies Facebook page shared. “The Deputy made a traffic stop for a minor violation and the occupants of the car immediately opened fire, striking the Deputy numerous times. The suspect were arrested a short time later. Please send your thoughts and prayers for the recovery of this hero.”

We pray for Deputy Herrera and hope he recovers soon.