Teacher Creatively Defends Girl Picked On By Classmates

Mrs. Johns found out that one of the girls in her class was being teased, but instead of letting her deal with it herself she formed a plan that would catch all of her students off guard. The next day she walked into class and her students jaws dropped at the sight of her.


Kinsie Johns is a Teacher who adores her job, so when this third-grade teacher found out that in her safe space in the classroom a student was being teased, she was immensely distressed. Kinsie loved all her students in her class and instead of going on the warpath she chose another route!

Kinsie formulated a plan to remedy the situation once and for all, something that would catch all her students by surprise, and take away the power of the teasers!

Facebook/Kinsie Johns

With her head held high Kinsie cal to school the next day, walking into the classroom she stunned the students, it was plain as day that none of them was expecting what she had done!

One of her students, as it happens, had been styling her hair in the fashion called “space buns”. A little girl made her hair like this on Tuesday, but on Wednesday she was getting teased and called space girl.

Facebook/Kinsie Johns

Kinsie was really saddened that the girl could be made to feel like this, and formulated the plan! She coordinated the finer points with the student, who had been teased and wrote herself, on her hand, a little note of what to do.

The very next day Kensie’s students were awestruck when they saw her! The could hardly believe what they were seeing, even the student who had been teased was surprised.

Kinsie said:

“She was beaming when she saw me and the students noticed that our hair looked the same.”

Facebook/Kinsie Johns

Kinsie wrote on her Facebook that she promotes to her students to just be themselves, and makes the point that “it’s ok to be different”

Quoting Dr Seuss she said:

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!?”

Facebook/Jessica Mullen


The day after this all happened all the students copied the hairstyle in solidarity, how awesome!

Kinsie said:

“The little point I was trying to make turned into a huge support for my little friend. All the girls in my class are wearing their hair in ‘space buns’ and even some of the boys got involved! They all wanted to support her and we even got some second graders involved!”

What do you think about not only the clever way Kinsie dealt with this but the positive result she achieved in response? Awesome right? Worth sharing!