Supposed To Deliver A Prayer, This Old Lady Has Everyone Rolling On The Floor


Mary Maxwell had a request to say a prayer before the dinner which honoured carers, but she found the opportunity to also bring a little laughter to everyone too.

She asked for blessings of the carers, but then delivers an incredibly funny speak about growing old and the changes you could encounter while you get there, inevitably!

It can be a scary thing growing older, but Mary takes it all in her own pace and brings humour to a subject that, really, by most people, is dreaded, she says:

“The thing about old age is you don’t get to practice. This is the first time I’ve ever been old… it just sort of crept up on me.”

Knowing that if you can resist taking life too seriously, Mary takes the view that everything will pan out just fine and how it’s meant to. Her dry witty delivery, with such a straight face, was tremendous, with one-liners like:

“This is the first time I’ve ever been old” and “It just sort of crept up on me”

…everyone was absolutely rolling around in the aisles!

Many comedians avoid the subject of getting older like the plague, but Mary, with her amazing humour even in prayer, you can tell that she won’t avoid it at all, she going to hit it head on!

Mary’s view on getting older is a light and sparkling change that coerces everyone in the room to laugh loudly and uncontrollably, it’s no surprise that this has more than 13 million views, what an incredible and witty lady!

Among all ages Mary really is popular, she’s even got her own dedicated followers on her own blog, it’s more than likely that it’s her humour that has helped her in her years!

Listen to her amazing presentation, press “play” on the video below to hear it!