Surgeon obliges little boys solemn request before surgery

After the surgery his parents were shocked to discover what the doctor had done without them knowing.


Ever since he was diagnosed with a brain cyst and a condition called hydrocephalus, now eight-year-old Jackson McKie didn’t have it easy. He spent most of his childhood in and out of the hospital. His parents have always been by his side, and he would often find comfort in his plush teddy bear.

However, there has been another person Jackson could rely on and that’s Dr. Daniel McNeely, a neurosurgeon who cared for and treated the boy all along.

What this kind-hearted surgeon did during the last operation Jackson undergone is beyond adorable.

Facebook/Rick McKie

Before the operation, Jackson asked the doctor if he could do something for him. He wanted the surgeon to operate on his teddy bear as well. Dr. McNeely didn’t hesitate a bit because he was aware that would mean a lot to the boy and it will encourage him to endure the whole thing knowing his plush friend is next to him during the procedure.

Twitter/P. Daniel McNeely

Dr. McNeely later told CTV News Atlantic: “I thought if there was something I could do to help make him feel better, it seemed like a simple gesture and I was only too happy to oblige.”

The nurses prepared the table for the teddy bear they called ‘Little Baby’ and the surgeon started stitching the toy. Thankfully, both procedures were successful.

Rick McKie, Jackson’s father, said what the doctor did for their son was simply amazing. Not only Dr. McNeely is one of the best surgeons, but he’s one kind-hearted and compassionate man.

“He’s one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever met.”

Now Jackson and his friend, the bear, both had stitches and they could go through the recovery process together as well. The doctor shared the story of the surgery on his Twitter account and it stole the hearts of millions of people.

“Patient asks if I can also fix teddy bear just before being put off to sleep … how could I say no?”

Twitter/P. Daniel McNeely

The doctor couldn’t imagine that his post will reach to so many people who praised his action and named him one of the most sympathetic surgeons.

“I thought it might make a few people smile, that was the only intention I had. I’m glad that others are enjoying it.”

We hope there are more people like Dr. McNeely who would do anything for the sake of their patients’ well-being.