Incredible makeover takes years off woman

This is one of the most dramatic makeover transformations I have ever seen.


As we get older, there comes a time when we realize we’ve been wearing the same old hairstyle and those clothes bough years ago for way too long. And then out of the blue, something clicks in and we feel the urge to experience certain change. Whether it’s a new hair color, or getting rid of the old skirts, we know we have to fight the dullness that has somehow become part of our everyday.

Debbie, a woman in her late fifties, found herself in a situation like this and decided to do something about it. She needed to transform the way she looked, and hoped that it would also affect the way she feels. The answer? A drastic makeover! 

If you ever had one, then you know what we are talking about. A haircut? New pair of boots you never dared wearing before? No matter what you opt for, undergoing a makeover is always welcome. 

As for Debbie, you’ll never guess she is the same person. 


Of course, the person behind the magic is the prominent ‘Makeover Guy’ who has given “a new life” to a great number of individuals who weren’t satisfied with the way they looked. Christopher Hopkins, the man behind the miraculous transformations is a multi talented author, media personality, and a makeover artist who never ceases to stun us with what he does.  

This fabulous man makes people’s dreams come true together with his crew of fashion advisers and hairstylists who are among the best in the country. The makeovers are done in the city of Minneapolis where people from every corner of the country come to experience and witness the end product of the process of “improvement.”


Debbie admits she is fond of undergoing drastic changes, but putting her trust about her looks in the hands of someone else is what she had doubts about. However, when it comes to the Makeover Guy things are a bit different. She trusts him so much that she would dye her hair green if he said so. Luckily, he had other plans for lovely Debbie. 

The most amazing thing about her transformation is that Chris achieves to harmonize her appearance with her vibrant and bubbly personality that definitely didn’t fit her grey and black hair and dark toned clothes. 

He chose for Debbie’s hair strawberry blonde with highlights and swept away 10 years off her face. 


Debbie is extremely satisfied with the way she looks after she has undergone the makeover and says she is eager to see her family’s reaction.

It’s a pity that we don’t get to see their jaws dropping when this beautiful lady appears in front of them.

The best part of all is that she now seems way happier and way more satisfied with herself. 

Someone commented how they are “lost for words,” and we are too. This is definitely a must watch.