Stepmom Shares Big News With Her Teenage Stepdaughter

Kacie sternly calls her teenage stepdaughter in the room for a confrontation she will remember every day for the rest of her life . . .


From the moment Jonathan and Kacie met, they knew they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. Both had troublesome relationships in the past and had serious baggage to go along with them. One of Jonathan’s pieces of “baggage,” or so he thought, was his daughter Brilee.

However, instead of casting Brilee aside and trying to start fresh with her new husband, Kacie brought the teenager closer to her heart…

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Growing up, Brileee desperately wanted her mother to be involved in her life – but no matter how hard she pleaded, her biological mother couldn’t be swayed. She was too selfish and self-involved to love another human being, let alone care for a child.

Thankfully, Kacie was there to pick up the pieces and make Brilee’s heart feel whole again.

Over the course of four years, Kacie and her teenage stepdaughter became close. Their relationship continued to developed until it reached a point where Brilee anxiously approached Kacie and asked to adopt her as her daughter. Kacie was honored, but knew the road to adoption would be challenging!

Sadly, Brilee’s biological mother refused to give up her parental rights which made adoption impossible.

Rather than take the setback and give up, Kacie went to court and battled day-in and day-out to call Brilee her child. Her odds of adoption didn’t look good at first – then, they got the miracle they had been praying for!

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On the final day of their legal proceedings, Brilee’s biological mother failed to show up for court. Due to her carelessness, the judge awarded Kacie with parental rights – she was going to be Brilee’s mother (officially)!

After getting home from the courthouse, Kacie called Brilee into the living room. She had big news to share and couldn’t wait another second. With Brilee sitting confused on the couch, Kacie explained what happened in the courtroom and said:

“Brilee Davis, you have been like a daughter to me, from the day that I met you. Now I want you to be not like a daughter. Will you be my real daughter?”

Tears started to pour from Brilee’s eyes! This was the moment she had waited months for – and it wasn’t a dream. Now they truly get to be one big, happy family for the rest of their lives!

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Watch this emotional reveal unfold in the video below. What a sweet moment!