Little Boy Serenades Newborn Sister With The Sweetest Song Ever

This is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen - and just wait until you see the end. ❤


It’s only been a short while since Mom and Dad brought the newest addition to the family home. While they worried their first child would react poorly to some small person hogging all of their attention, thankfully, he couldn’t have been more excited to bond with his baby sister. He was fascinated by his teeny tiny sister from the time Mom and Dad placed her on his lap. But when they recently came around the corner to find him singing “You Are So Beautiful,” they knew all of their fears could melt away!


Even though most of us think “You Are So Beautiful” is an ordinary love song, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The co-writers, Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher, created the song as a way to honor Preston’s mother. She was an actress and the guiding force through Preston’s life. So when he found out one of his musician friends was using the song to shoutout young women during his concerts, Preston was furious. He called his performer friend and chewed him out – how dare he turn the once-beautiful song about his mother into some trick to attract women! After the dust settled, Joe Cocker released the slower version of Preston and Fisher’s song (the version we’re all familiar with) later that year. Now, it’s one of the most well-known musical tracks in history.


The song’s heartfelt words and beautiful composition is why Mom and Dad always played it in the house. After hearing it so often, Brother eventually picked up on the lyrics and decided to serenade his sweet baby sister. Mom watched with her mouth agape as her baby boy cradled the newborn in his arms, gently rocked her back and forth, and sang “You Are So Beautiful” to her. This moment was one she will remember for the rest of her life. Take a peek at their heartwarming family moment for yourself below. We’re sure he’s going to be an excellent big brother!