Boy Wearing Socks Alarm Officers Who Spring Into Action

He approached the young boy to ask about his bloody socks, quickly realizing he couldn’t sit by and do nothing upon discovering the reason why.


Tukwila police officers playfully known as Sergeant Modest and Officer Bashful were patrolling on foot when they spied something alarming. The partners were keeping Cascade View Park safe at the moment and couldn’t believe what they saw.

A group of young boys were running around having fun, which was great to see on such a gorgeous day. But it’s what one of the boys was missing that alarmed the officers.

Facebook/Tukwila Police Department

One boy in the group did not have any shoes on. The officers scanned the area but didn’t see a discarded pair lying around anywhere.

They looked a bit closer and noticed that his socks were torn and dirty. One of his feet was bleeding quite a bit from a decent-sized cut on the bottom of his foot.

Flickr/Perry French

Parents know that running around without shoes on can be dangerous. A child can step on broken glass or sharp plastic and seriously injure himself.

So the officers cautiously approached the child. The little boy allowed Sergeant Modest to examine then clean and treat his foot with the first aid kit they carried with them.

As the sergeant worked on his foot, they chatted about where his shoes were at. The little boy sheepishly admitted that he didn’t have shoes that fit him anymore

The officers decided they just couldn’t turn the guy loose to run around and harm himself again. So Sergeant Modest took off to find a pair of shoes that would fit the active little boy while Officer Bashful hung out with the group of boys and kept an eye on them.

Not only did Sergeant Modest return with a pair of shoes, but he brought popsicles! The boys were thrilled.

“…what is better than a cold popsicle on a hot summer day?!”

Facebook/Tukwila Police Department

While the little guy slurped on his popsicle, Officer Bashful helped him slip on the shoes and tied them for him. Then the officers joined the boys for a popsicle snack before they resumed patrol.

After the Tukwila Police Department shared this heartwarming tale of two officers and the case of the missing shoes on their Facebook page, the public has gone crazy over what they did. The department emphasized that the outpouring of support has been “truly astounding.”

A small gesture like this meant the world to this little boy and probably for his parents who might not have been able to afford new shoes. How awesome are these two officers?