Principal Goes On Comical Rant About Beginning Of School Year

There’s one thing this principal finds most stressful about the beginning of every school year and he’s not holding back. My cheeks are red from laughing!


The summer’s coming to an end so you know what that means – it’s back to school for the kiddos. As many parents cheer, let us also remember all the teachers and school administrators that are busy prepping for a fun, full year (we give you all the credit). And once those doors open again it only gets more stressful as the students actually arrive. Someone who knows a great deal about this is Principal Gerry Brooks from Lexington, Kentucky. When people ask Gerry “what the most stressful part of the beginning of the school year is” – he’s only got one answer…kindergarten lunch duty.


In the video below, Gerry hilariously explains why helping newbie kindergartners in the lunch room is the most taxing task of all (and there certainly are a lot of them in a school). He describes it as, “like trying to get a bunch of kittens to do something.” Being in a new environment the kids are all over the place, so getting them seated is obviously difficult. In the words of Gerry – “it’s just crazy!” But once they do finally sit to eat, that’s when a new set of problems arise…


Gerry continues on his comical rant talking about all the kindergartners who bring “fancy” Lunchables, leaving him having to open countless little packages. He then describes all the kids stories that start with, “umm, umm, umm…” and the debates like whether ponies would make good indoor pets. It’s a speech that will have you busting at the seams with laughter and maybe even giving your kids’ educators extra flowers this year. Press play below to watch it for yourself – it’s hysterical!