One of the last living female WWII veterans celebrates her 104th birthday

Happy birthday Ruth and many more to come!


Who wouldn’t want to reach more than 100 years old and still be healthy, vibrant, and ready for new challenges. 

A woman named Ruth “Buttercup” Sparks turned 104 recently and she’s more than happy to share details of her exciting life. And speaking of that, she’s got a lot to say.

This elderly lady isn’t just sweet and loving, but very brave too. She served in the U.S Navy when she was young and took part in the WWII. Actually, she’s one of the last living female veterans that was part of the war and is now spending her days in San Antonio, Texas where she resides. 

Ruth came to America with her family back in 1926 when she was just 11 years old. They moved here from Denmark and lived in New York. In 1945 she joined the Navy. When she recalls those times of her life, she remembers she was part of the Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES).

“I was the second class of WAVES,” she says.

In the Navy, Ruth worked as a secretary and a mechanic and once the war came to an end, she asked to be transferred to Corpus Christi. There, Ruth met her husband and they lived happily ever after in their hometown where she still lives. 

She’s charming and lovable and we enjoy hearing her stories. 

Happy birthday Ruth and many more to come!