Mom posts pics of her nails on Facebook – gets message that could save her life

She never though her curved nails were a sign of something so serious.


Nowadays, in the era of the social networking sites, we are connected as never before. 

Having lots of virtual friends, we sometimes tend to share interesting things of our life with them such as anecdotes, photos of places we visit, what we eat, and how we have fun. Oftentimes, we also use these sites to share our thoughts and even ask for help. 

A 53-year-old mom named Jean Williams Taylor thought her curved nails looked funny so she decided to post some photos of them online. Little did she know that those photos could save her life. 

Jean was never bothered by the way her nails curved because she was certain it was due to genetics. But then, someone posted a comment under her photo saying that she should visit a doctor as her nails were a sign that something serious was happening to her lungs. 

After she read the comment she realized that her mom who died of lung cancer had her nails curved as well, but she had no idea those two things were related. 

Feeling a bit scared from what she read, Jenny visited the hospital where she was told that her nails condition was knows as “finger clubbing,” “digital clubbing,” or “Hippocratic nails” and in many cases it showed issues with the heart or the lungs. 

After doctors ran a number of tests, they discovered that Jean had two tumors the size of golf balls in her lungs.

Although she was concerned by the news, she was also lucky she found about it just in time. If she hadn’t shared the photos online, she would have continued believing it was normal to have such nails and she would have never visited the hospital. 

Now she’s sharing her story to serve as a warning for others. 

“That feels great,” Jean said. “I have actually got a lot of individuals sending me shares of their nails, however I’m no specialist I have actually just been detected less than 2 days.”

Our body always finds a way to send us a message about a problem we have and the nails are in many cases an indicator. 

Whenever you feel something is different regarding your body, always consult a doctor.

Please share this story with your friends. Who knows, you may save someone’s life.