Man finds flag covered in writing at flea market and uses the chance to honor a fallen soldier

When he read the writing, he immediately knew what he had to do.


Garage sales are fun and exciting because you never know what will you stumble upon. Lots of times, among the piles of things, there are objects that are worth a lot more than what we pay for.

When a couple from Texas went to a sale like this, they could never imagine their purchase could be so significant that it will make one mother shed tears of both sadness and joy.

As they were going through the items, Walter Brown noticed a large American flag that was for sale. As he took it in his hands he noticed there was something written on it. And that’s when he knew he had to have it. He only paid $5 for it, but he was aware its sentimental value was way bigger.


The flag was full of hand written messages as a tribute to a marine who lost his life. The heartfelt words were from his fellow military members and it belonged to the family of Lance Cpl. Fred Maciel. Walter knew that it got at the market flea by accident, and he also knew that the family of the fallen marine would be happy to have it.


Walter Brown’s son is a marine himself, and that was another reason why he felt even more compassionate for the loss of the marine’s family. He and his wife decided to do the right thing and bring the flag where it belonged. So, they tracked down Fred’s mother and were willing to hand deliver it to her. When she got to hold her son’s tribute flag again after 9 years, her reaction was priceless. She is forever grateful that her son is not forgotten.

We thank God for people like the Browns.