Man Waters Wife’s Plants Even After She Passed Away, But He Discovers Something Else

When a loved one dies, dealing with the loss is incredibly difficult. Every now and again, however, you'll be reminded of the greatest aspects of their personality through a memento or memory, and that can really help.


He religiously watered them every single day until..

The death of a beloved family member is truly an unbearable part of life and one of the most difficult experiences which many of us had gone through. The sudden, shocking and bereaved struggle leaves us with many intensely painful emotions, which could range from depression to anger, self-guilt or sadness. Very often, we would feel isolated and alone in our own grief, but having another family member to lean on would be able to help us through the heart wrenching grieving process. As we move on with everyday life, even certain chores are able to remind us of the greatest aspects of our loved ones’ personalities – through a physical memento or purely by memory.

One Twitter user shared her very own story on the social media platform, which has garnered much attention online. A firefighter at the London Fire Brigade, Antonia Nicol had explained that her mother, Phedre Fitton, passed away at age 69 after battling cancer for the past 5 years prior. Before her mother passed on, she told Antonia’s father, who is also her husband, to water the plants located in their bathroom. He kept his word even after her death – until he decides to take them along with him to his new home. However, much to his amusement, they were plastic! The single tweet has since received more than 27,000 retweets and 87,000 likes to date!

“She’d fought cancer for 5 years but it beat her in the end in November 2013. My parents live in South Africa whilst I live here, so it was a very difficult time for us all. When my dad found out that he’d been watering plastic plants for years, it was so funny for all of us and made us feel like she was still with us,” Antonia shared.

She continued: “The response has generally been incredible. My dad has been overwhelmed by the level of interest and so have I. It’s so lovely to hear my friends and family talking and remembering my mum again. She would have loved this so much.
They met when they were 16 years old. They have been together all their lives. They worked together. It was an absolute tragedy that they never got to spend their old age together.”

After sharing her story, many started replying to Antonia, and even her father got wind of his new found Twitter popularity! So much so that he even posed for another photo of himself, watering the plastic plants! This shows how much our loved ones truly mean to us – and they would forever be in our memories, too.

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