Bus driver breaks the rules by letting shivering dogs on board during heavy rain

When the bus driver spotted the stray dogs shivering on the heavy rain, he broke the "no animals allowed" rule an let the poor creatures get on the bus


This sends me in tears!

The sound of thunder and heavy rain accompanied by frequent flashes of blinding bolts of bright lights usually sends any animal, regardless of species, to hide for cover. It could be under couches, blankets, tables or even in our arms. Thunderstorms are terrifying for most animals, and it is especially so for those who live a hard life on the streets.

Unlike house dogs, stray canines do not have the luxury of having a warm spot in a cozy environment to snuggle up in. Instead, they remain stuck on the cold and hard streets, with nothing else other than the pitter-patter of raindrops wetting their fur coats.

This is a heartbreaking sight to see.

The city of Buenos Aires, which is also the capital of Argentina, had been hit with a torrential thunderstorm. One local bus driver had spotted two stranded dogs during his shift, all drenched head to toe in cold rain water and shivering in fear. He did what any human being with a big heart would do – to provide them with shelter.

In the bustling city of Buenos Aires, public transport commuters all know that the rules and regulations of buses functioning in Buenos Aires do not allow any animals on board. However, these rules did not stop one kind-hearted bus driver from protecting the frightened strays during one violent and heavy thunderstorm.

Passengers snapped and shared many photos of the dogs during their ride and on their social media accounts, asking around if anyone was interested in helping or fostering them.

This bus driver’s act of kindness soon got to the management’s attention, which even released a statement reiterating their very strict ‘no animals’ policy. Under this circumstance however, they showed great support for what the driver did for the dogs.

After all, how can one resist not helping our adorable furry friends in times of dire need? We remain truly thankful to this bus driver who has shown great and rare kindness to these animals. Although we are not sure what happened to those dogs after the thunderstorm has settled down, but very hopefully, they are now safely rehomed.

Here at Bored Daddy, we urge all of you to adopt a pet at your local shelter and to not shop. This is to keep our furry friends off the streets and safely in a loving home, where they can stay warm and well-cared for.

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