Hollywood Legend Ray Liotta Dies Aged 67


Devastating news has just hit the headlines and left millions in shock.

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Hollywood actor Ray Liotta has tragically passed away.

Liotta, who was born in New Jersey in 1954, is best known for his star turns in films such as Goodfellas in which he played the main character Henry Hill as he navigated the world of being a gangster. He’s also famous for playing Shoeless Joe in Field of Dreams.

The actor’s publicist, Jennifer Allen, said the he died in his sleep in the Dominican Republic, where he was filming his latest movie, as per Press Association news agency.

His fiancee Jacy Nittolo was on location at the time of his death, Allen said. Liotta was a father to daughter Karsen.

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Liotta received many awards throughout the years. Back in 2016, he told PA agency that he regretted how he handled his career, including turning down a chance to audition for Tim Burton’s Batman movie. “I wish I’d handled my career differently but, you know, hindsight…” 

“When I did my first movie, Tim Burton was getting ready to do Batman and he was interested in me because he wanted it to be edgy and real. I thought, ‘Batman? That’s a stupid idea’, even though he had just done one of my favourite movies of all time, Beetlejuice. So yes, I regret not auditioning for that.”

In recent years Liotta appeared in Marriage Story and No Sudden Move.

Rest in peace, Ray.

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