Groom Dashes Out Of The Church, Leaving Bride In Awe

Stuart and Vicky's wedding was a beautiful affair. Suddenly, Stuart raced out the front door of the church. Guests were stunned and horrified as he left his bride-to-be and his best man standing alone at the altar.


Weddings celebrate love and partnership. They are special days in every couple’s life that are remembered forever, especially if they are as fun and adorable as Stuart and Vicky’s.

The guests who knew Stuart could have guessed that he had some kind of surprise planned. But when the question, “If I could have the rings, please?” came from vicar Bratton, the small grin on Stuart’s face gave all the guests a strange feeling that Stuart was going to do something unusual. Then, this wedding day in the small country side of the United Kingdom became a hilariously memorable occasion.


One week before his wedding with Vicky, Stuart made all the preparations for his elaborate scheme, and the only person he included was the vicar. According to Stuart, he and his brother and best man Robert, have shared many past pranks. The best man’s reaction as he stood next to Stuart and Vicky at the alter showed that Stuart’s plan was really working.


Vicky also expected Stuart to have some extra fun on the wedding day. She was clued in that there would be some sort of surprise, but watch Vicky’s amused expression as she watches Stuart’s plan unfold – this fun loving couple is absolutely perfect for each other. You will not want to miss what happens when Stuart runs out of the church. It was the event that made this joyous occasion all the more fun for Stuart, Vicky, and all of their friends, and it will get you laughing, too!