Big brother cuts his sister’s hair – but stylist works magic and saves the day

Mom stumbled upon her older kid giving his little sister a disastrous haircut.


Having two toddlers under one roof means constantly trying to keep your house from looking like a bomb went off. Running after them and making sure they don’t get hurt or get into a fight between each other can be tiring, and most moms would definitely agree, but we also have to admit that toddlers are fun to be around. 

A mom of two, Breana Naylor of Queens Creek, Arizona, knows that the silence in the house speaks trouble. So, when she noticed it was quiet for some time, she just knew her 2-year-old daughter Kimberly and her 3-year-old brother Colt were up to something. And guess what? She was totally right!

Sharing her story with, Naylor wrote:

“A few more peaceful minutes pass and I’m like, ‘Fine, I’ll be a responsible parent and check on my kids.’”

When she went to check up on them she noticed the two were hiding in the closet. She though they were just having fun time and decided to leave them alone when she suddenly noticed a lock of hair on the floor. 

It didn’t take long before she realized that someone was getting the well-known ‘toddler haircut.’ 

Once she opened the door, she could see Cold holding the scissors and cutting his little sister’s hair while she was sitting still and waiting for her new hairstyle. 

Naylor was glad the kids didn’t hurt themselves with those scissors and was quick to grab them from Colt’s hands. But what Kimberly was left with couldn’t be put into words. 

“When I saw the damage, I just laughed,” Naylor told

The girl’s hair was a total disaster and it needed to be fixed. 

Naylor then texted her hairstylists Jen Bullock whom she had an appointment with already, saying:

“Jen, forget about my hair, Kimber needs your help!”

It turned out that a new hairstyle was all sweet Kimberly needed as Jen worked her magic on her and not only fixed her hair but made her look stunning. 

Kimberly now looks very stylish and her mom says how her new hair matches her personality. 

“I’m not sure if Kimber realizes how rad she really looks. It’s as though her hair matches her spunky personality now, or maybe she’s more spunky because of her rad hair.”

Jen though she should share her little client’s photos with her friends not knowing that thousands of other people would love her work too.