Adopted baby with Down Syndrome smiles for her new mom

Isn't she the cutest little girl out there?


For many parents, having a child with Down Syndrome is a blessing and they see that extra chromosome as an extra gift from God. Others, sadly, are not ready to give a bit of additional love to these children so they give them for adoption.

The thing is that babies with Down Syndrome are less likely to be adopted as many adoptive parents don’t really understand that people with the condition are not that different from the rest of us. On the contrary, they are a valuable part of the society. 

The non profit organization National Down Syndrome Adoption Network aims at finding babies and children with Down Syndrome a home. 

Just recently, they shared the most charming video ever. A baby girl with Down Syndrome was adopted and she gave her new mommy an incredibly cute smile. 

It looks as though she knows she had found her parents for life and now she wants to tell them how happy she is being around them. 

This cutie will definitely make your day, and hopefully, she will change the way some people see individuals with Down Syndrome. 

She’s adorable beyond words!

Well that clip certainly brought a big smile to my face! How about you?

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