Girl With Anxiety Gives Boyfriend a List of Tips on How to Deal With Her and People Should Read It

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Rare occasions of anxiety are a normal emotional condition. Isolated cases of anxiety can happen to anyone, depending on the emotional situation of the person. However, regular anxiety problems that lead to panic attack or extreme nervousness can be classified as medical conditions. People who suffer from anxiety disorder know how scary and painful it is. What’s even more discouraging is that people who are around us may not understand what’s really going on and they may not know what kind of help to provide to the person who has problems with anxiety, particularly when the panic attacks occur.

Led by this notion, and also by the idea of raising people’s awareness on anxiety disorder, Kelsey Darragh posted a very detailed personal reflections on the disorder. Her post was specifically published for enlightening the people how to help a person with anxiety disorder in case of a panic attack. The Buzzfeed writer posted a list of things that can help her overcome the panic attack and normalize her body. This list was made for her boyfriend. Since he did not have any idea how to help his girlfriend when these attacks occur, this list may be found quite useful.  

Kelsey’s list starts with her emotional condition. She explains to her boyfriend that panic attacks make her feel scared and that it should not make him annoyed. She doesn’t know why she feels scared, but she knows what helps her to overcome that feeling.

She continues with the importance of breathing. Kelsey’s explaining her boyfriend about the breathing exercises and how that helps her calm down.
Furthermore, she emphasise the medicines. The boyfriend is required to give her medicines, which may be nearby.

What’s really helping Kelsey in such kind of attacks is showing her love and support. She notes that kind words do help. Reminding her that these kinds of attacks had happened in the past and she overcame them really helps her calm down.

Kelsey does not forget the feelings as well. She explains her boyfriend that these attacks make her embarrassed, particularly because these attacks makes him uncomfortable. Having such a feeling of guilt makes the attack even worse.

She reaches the end of the list by telling him that after sever hours everything will be normal again. When things settle down, they should discuss about the attack. These discussions provide an opportunity to change something, an act or a word, when the new one strikes again.

People’s response to Kelsey’s account was huge. More than 10,00 retweets have been noted and people left hundreds of comments.

Many learnt about anxiety through Kelsey’s post.

Different people react differently to panic attack. However, what’s common to all of them is the help they need. Support and kind words may improve their condition. Whenever you deal with a person with anxiety disorder, talk to him/ her – it means a lot to them.